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A little bit of creative flow. Thoughts, ideas and references for video, art and design, curated by Pablo Apiolazza
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Probably one of the best videos I’ve seen about working rights.  EDA, the Editors’ Association of Argentina, made in a very clever short film a very impactful guide to work rights for video editors. Great storytelling

Perfect editing, concepting and structure.

Simply excellent. 

Questo dovrebbe diventare un classico di culto tra i designer. Il mantra più popolare tra i clienti. “Make the logo bigger”. 

Journey to Mongolia di Artyom Ibatullin

This is the kind of cinematography that we love and we strive to make. Great work by Artyom Ibatullin

Corniche Pictures di Jordi Pagès

A beautiful ident by Jordi Pages for Corniche Pictures. Directed by Yann Caloghiris

DEPTHCORE // LAB II // CULT di Nicolas Monin-Baroille

The works submitted for The Depthcore Collective, beautiful work.

A video that shows in a very clever way the origins of some of our bad habits and the way to prevent them.