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A glimpse into the future when our health habits are not the best. An impactful ad with a stong message. 

Rewind the Future from APZmedia’s daily inspiration. Check all the curated vids on http://bit.ly/1dfXRdA

APZ media recommends: Karl X Johan - Flames (dir. cut)

Remember when videoclips used to be a place for filmmakers to experiment and come with new narratives? Well watching this it might seem that those days are long gone. But there’s some hope yet. 

Gustav Johansson brings this macro beauty to the table to reminds us that storytelling in music videos is still possible.

Director / Editor: Gustav Johansson
DP: Niklas Johansson
Prod. comp: Camp David Film


GRAMMIS 2012 - Video of the year
UKMVA - Nominated Best International Pop Video
Young Directors Awards - 2nd Prize Music Video

Cast: Gustav Johansson

A part of our inspiration channel http://bit.ly/16Yqqsl

Towards the lighthouse A classic sailboat by Sciarelli and the Vittoria Lighthouse in Trieste.

Preparing Flora Lo Skipper di Flora e la sua fantastica barca che ci ha ospitato durante la Barcolana Classic

APZ media recommends: Spot Proraso - 30”

Spot Proraso
Agenzia White, Red & Green
Creative Director - Director Michele Moscon
Producer Anna De Biasi
Editing Andrea Moro
Music and sound design Bottegadelsuono
DOP - Director Alberto Narduzzi

Cast: Alberto Narduzzi and Andrea Moro

A part of our inspiration channel http://bit.ly/16Yqqsl